Importance of Halal Diet

  • Advantages of Halal Certification

    1. Halal certificate can enhance the marketability of your products to over 50 million Halal consumers in Europe and over 1.6 billion worldwide.
    2. If you are exporting or planning to export then our Halal certificate will help you to meet the importing countries requirements.
    3. If your product is used as an ingredient by your customer then it will help your customer obtain Halal certification and therefore maintain your customers and may also increase your sales.
    4. Halal certified products can be advertised as Halal and can also display the registered trademark Halal logo on their packaging, hence making your products readily acceptable by Halal consumers.
  • Is L-Cysteine Halal?

    L-Cysteine a naturally occurring amino acid that is classified as a protein amino acid. It is found in most high protein food. L-Cysteine is mainly used in bakery, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

    L-Cysteine is obtained industrially by hydrolysis of human hair, feathers or synthetically.  There two major manufacturers of L-Cysteine are:

    1. Wacker Chemie of Germany - L-Cysteiene made by bacterial fermentation in which no alcohol is produced.
    2. Ajinomonto Company - L-Cysteine made by synthetic method.

    The L-Cysteine made sythetically or bacterial fermentation in which no alcohol is produced will be Halal.