Applying For Halal Certification

    HCE are the pioneers in providing Halal certification for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We assist our clients in Halal certification for the worldwide Halal market.

    We pride ourselves in the services we provide to our clients whether you’re a multinational corporation or a member of the public. We aim to assist your needs.

    To apply for Halal Certification or to request more information please complete our Halal Certification Application Form 

    Privacy Notice

    Any personal information that you provide will be processed in accordance with current Data Protection laws. It will be used by Halal Certification Europe (HCE) to deliver services to you. It is a requirement of our contract with you that you provide us with required data to allow us to process your Halal certification applications. If you do not provide the information that we request, we may not be able to process your Halal certification applications.

    Read more about how we use personal data in our Privacy Notice.

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